#ChangeBrazil #VemPraRuaFortaleza in English

Posted: Junho 19, 2013 in Falando Sério, In English

This is what happened in Fortaleza today.

The protests in Fortaleza today happened peacefully, as far as the protesters are concerned that is. The police had blocked all the main accesses to the stadium Arena Castelão, preventing not only cars, but the populace from getting as close as 3km from the event. The protest march tried to breach their blockade and were attacked with teargas, rubber bullets  and flash bombs. What’s the point on holding the population 3km away from the event? I’m sure we wouldn’t prevent anyone from watching the game. That retaliation might be justified by the attempt of breaching. Nevertheless, there shouldn’t be a blockade like that, at least not that far! The government said the distance was demanded by FIFA, but the city is ours, and not theirs!

We all decided to try to reach the Arena through another access. We all marched through a federal road until we got closer to the stadium. Well, once again as close as we could, for there was another barricade of cops, 3km away from the stadium. Don’t be mistaken as to think this was done in order to cater for organization and safety. Some friends of mine who went to the stadium to watch the game decided to enter the Arena with signs in favor to the movement – every sign was confiscated before they got into the stadium. Now here’s my question: Where’s the fair play you so conveniently talk about, FIFA?

This is a video that shows the violence used by the police. The protesters were already far from the blockade when they did the following: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151646515694871

As we approached the  line of cops, four people decided to throw rocks at them. We all started to shout “DO NOT THROW ROCKS” and “NO VIOLENCE” and immediately took care of those who wanted to do so. All for nothing: the police started to shoot against us and fire teargas and flash bombs. Then, as the teargas became less intense, some people showed the police a sign that read “For more dignity to the police”, demonstrating we were also fighting for them. Another shower of teargas followed, right over the sign.

It was then that I decided to go home. Some people stayed there and some others were arriving. We are fighting for more education, health, transportation and for the correct investment to be made in our country. We are not going to stop. Now we all wish Brazil gets to the finals, because during all matches there will be more protests. It’s high time we did something to right the world-wide-known wrongs we have in here. And there is no better time to do so than right now. Thanks to all the countries who support us. We are trying to change the meaning of the expression “the Brazilian Way”. Bear with us, this is far from ending! #ChangeBrazil


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